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Family law issues are among the most important and personal legal issues faced by our clients. From divorce, child custody and shared parenting to protective orders, you need a law firm with trusted lawyers experienced in family law issues and building relationships with clients to shepherd you through these emotional issues.

Family and relationships are important to the attorneys at Boucher & Boucher, and they have the experience and knowledge of family law to provide the legal help you need. The lawyers of Boucher & Boucher know how to protect your rights and the rights of your children in any family law dispute. They are experienced in all forms of dispute resolution.

The lawyers at Boucher & Boucher provide the following family law services:

The attorneys at Boucher & Boucher can provide legal guidance, negotiate on your behalf, help evaluate your assets, and prepare any settlements, agreements or contracts you need. They will explain and interface with a court appointed guardian ad litem if necessary.

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