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Providing for and protecting our children is the most important responsibility in a parent's life. Unfortunately, our children often make mistakes despite our best efforts, sometimes leading to legal problems. If mishandled, juvenile legal problems can limit your child's education and job opportunities for the rest of his or her life. From minor juvenile criminal problems such as truancy or disorderly conduct to more serious crimes like OVI / DUI / DWI, you need a law firm with lawyers experienced in juvenile law and building relationships that you can count on.

Children, family and relationships are important to the attorneys at Boucher & Boucher, and they have experience with the law, children and client relationships to provide the legal help you need. Many juvenile problems arise from problems at school. You can trust the attorneys at Boucher & Boucher to protect the rights of your children and help you understand the bigger picture relating to your child's problems.

The lawyers at Boucher & Boucher provide legal services for the following juvenile issues:

The attorneys at Boucher & Boucher can help find alternate resolutions for your child's problems other than conviction. Options include drug court, diversion, boot camp, and mandatory counseling. The lawyers at Boucher & Boucher can help identify which programs are best for your child based on the circumstances.

If your child has a juvenile law problem in Dayton or greater Montgomery Co. Ohio area, call Boucher & Boucher today at 937-223-0122 or email us at richard@boucherandboucher.com.

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