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Everybody wants to provide for the security of their family members after they pass on, but getting your affairs in order late in life is no easy task. The best way to insure financial security and harmony for your family after you're gone is to build a relationship with a trusted estate planning and probate attorney to insure the smooth administration of your estate.

The lawyers at Boucher & Boucher care about estate planning for their clients. Their broad legal expertise including real estate, business law, handling complex assets, and experience in the business community, combined with the firm's focus on building personal relationships with their clients uniquely qualifies them to guide you and your family through the planning and ultimate administration of your estate.

The lawyers at Boucher & Boucher provide the following probate, estate and elder care services:

The attorneys at Boucher & Boucher help you plan the transfer of your assets through your will, trust or other alternatives. They will educate you about and guide you through the entire estate planning process. The attorneys of Boucher & Boucher will represent you in bringing and defending will contest cases, if necessary

Estate planning is the best way to provide emotional support and financial security for your family after you're gone. If you're in Dayton or greater Montgomery Co. Ohio area, call Boucher & Boucher today at 937-223-0122 or email us at

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