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If you are facing foreclosure, the lawyers at Boucher & Boucher can help keep you in your home. The foreclosure crisis is hitting Ohio homeowners hard, and the law is changing so fast, it's hard to know all your options. The experienced real estate attorneys at Boucher & Boucher understand the law and can help protect you from forclosure and save your house. The lawyers of Boucher & Boucher can also help you escape your mortgage if a strategic default is in your best interest.

Buying your own home is the American dream, and owning your own business is often the best way to success. But buying, selling, and developing property in Ohio is a complicated process and probably the largest expense of your life. If you're buying or selling property, you want the best, most trusted attorneys on your side to insure financial security and piece of mind.

The lawyers at Boucher & Boucher understand what your property means to you, and they are experts in real estate law. Real estate transactions are so important to the clients of Boucher & Boucher, that Richard Boucher, senior partner at Boucher & Boucher, is also the president of his own title company, Augusta Title Agency Inc.

The lawyers at Boucher & Boucher also have extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate matters they will apply to your real estate transactions. Boucher & Boucher provides services for the following real estate issues:

The lawyers at Boucher & Boucher will draft real estate contracts, leases, use agreements, and litigate your real estate dispute in court, if necessary.

If you are contemplating a real estate deal or are involved in a real estate dispute in the Dayton or greater Montgomery Co. Ohio area, call Boucher & Boucher today at 937-223-0122 or email us at

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