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Traffic tickets are important sources of revenue for the communities in and around Montgomery Co. Police often use traffic stops as a pretext for testing a driver to see if he or she is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or to search a vehicle for alcohol and drugs. All too often Dayton area drivers see the flashing red lights in the rear view mirror. Juveniles are often favored targets

Even if you are only stopped for a traffic ticket, your legal problems can grow. The police officer may use the traffic stop, including an OVI (DUI or DWI) stop, as a pretext for seaching your vehicle. You may refuse the search with no loss of rights. An officer may make a traffic stop for:

If you have have been charged with a traffic violation, the trusted attorneys at Boucher & Boucher can help. Our lawyers can challenge your traffic stop and any subsequent search with a motion to suppress and defend your case in court. The attorneys from Boucher & Boucher can also make deals for you if appropriate.

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